Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the lawns and gardens cared for?

Yes, the lawns, communal gardens and the exterior of units are maintained by the Trust. There is often a small garden area close to each unit that can be looked after by the resident.

Are there rules we need to abide to when living in a Masonic Village?

Yes, just like any retirement village, each of the five villages has rules to be abided by. This enables the Trust to ensure all of the residents are happy with their living arrangements.

Can I have pets at a Masonic Village?

Sorry, no pets are allowed at any of the Masonic Villages.

Do I need to be a Freemason to be considered living in a village?

No. The Trust’s units are available to anyone who meets our criteria.

Do you have to wait to obtain a unit?

Yes, due to the nature of the villages, a lot of residents are long term. The Trust keeps a small database of people who meet the application criteria who want to reside in its villages.

Do you offer emergency housing?

No, the Trust does not offer emergency housing. Often people are waiting to live in the Trust’s villages so there are no empty units at the ready for those in urgent need.

Is it difficult to end an Occupation Right agreement?

No. The agreement is in place to ensure your funds are secure and will be returned to you in a timely fashion following the notice period of your termination.

Is security provided in the villages?

All villages have security lighting and through the village environment, create a sense of safety, however, security patrols or security fencing is not provided.

Is the Trust a member of the Retirement Villages Association?

Yes! The Trust is a fully accredited member of the Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand.  RVA members choose to be committed to providing quality services within their village. RVA Accredited Villages have demonstrated that they are responsible and committed to meeting resident’s needs. Prospective residents can make the decision to move to one of the Trust’s villages with confidence that appropriate standards have been met and are being maintained.

Is there a criteria or asset limit before I can apply?

Yes, there is a criteria which is used as a guideline. Please download an application form, or contact the office to check the criteria. The Trust is flexible (within limits) so please feel free to contact the office to discuss your individual circumstances.