Rental units

The Trusts rental units are comfortable, clean units with off-street parking and a weekly rental that is below market rates. Certain criteria do apply. For more information on how to apply, please contact the Northland District Masonic Trust office.

Occupation Rights Unit

There are comfortable two bedroom units, available in Whangarei, Dargaville and Wellsford. Prospective residents, on approval, will be offered an Occupation Rights Agreement and the resident will be required to pay the Trust 50-60 percent of the current market value of the unit, plus administration costs. Thereafter, a small weekly levy is payable to cover the cost of exterior and ground maintenance, rates and insurance on the dwelling. Upon termination of the lease, the Trust guarantees to buy back the unit. The original purchase price is refunded, less an abatement of five percent per year for a maximum of five years.

The Trust

The Trust is first and foremost an asset-holding Trust.  Our mission is to operate and administer the Trust in such a manner as to maintain and enhance the utility of the accommodation we provide for the residents, without depleting the market value of the assets.  The Trust, unlike private sector operators, has no profits or dividends to distribute which is reflected in the rental and service fees charged.  This is the charitable component of the Trust.  The Trust has neither the mandate nor the intention to ‘mine’ it assets by not maintaining them in order to provide either social housing or subsidized accommodation.  (This type of housing is provided by others such as local and central Government agencies.)